“My daughter and I find it nearly impossible to get enough of these tasty chips! Even better they are still something we can eat after learning of wheat, egg and milk intolerance.”  Charity Tingley

“Oh my goodness! I just tried your kettle chips cooked in avocado oil and they are a-mazing! New favorite! Thanks for such a great product!”  Crystal Royal.

“I have been vegan for about ten days now and needed a little pick me up today. I found your brand of chips at a local gas station (Hickory BBQ) & WOW! They are the best chips I think I have ever had. Delicious, healthy and natural….love”  Taylor Keller. 

“Just tried your ancient grains chips yesterday from costco. WOW! I’m hooked. Love how health conscious your company is” Chad Mochrie.

“If the Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt chips were a person… I’d marry them in an instant.”  Flo Donaldson.