Phil Lempert, Supermarket Guru – Rice & Adzuki Bean Chips Review

Phil Lempert Supermarket Guru

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

[Image of: Chips Gluten Free]

This product is a HIT! I bet you this is one chip that you have never tried it is Rice & Adzuki Bean. The adzuki bean is a nutty and sweet red bean and it is made with rice flour and is gluten free – but here is what I do not understand – the product says Adzuki bean and they even have this logo that says it is made with “Premium Adzuki Beans”, but in the ingredients it says “adzuki beans and or black beans” – huh? This company does everything right when it comes to sustainability and their recipes… don’t use black beans instead maybe because they are cheaper?! Retails for $2.49 – $2.99.

Boulder Natural Foods
800 279 2250

Scoring Breakdown:

Taste-28 93.33%
Value-18 90.00%
Health-14 93.33%
Ingredients-14 93.33%
Preparation-5 100.00%
Appearance-4 80.00%
Packaging-4 80.00%
Sustainability-2 40.00%
Total-89 89%