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More Grilled Cheese, Please – Grilled Cheese Invitational 2011

Monday, May 9th, 2011
Boulder Canyon's Chip Tent, aka The Place to Be

Boulder Canyon's Chip Tent, aka The Place to Be

What could be better than bread, butter and cheese? Well, perhaps bread, butter, cheese, habanero salsa, sweet jam and bacon. At least that’s what our Product Manager, Tanner, decided as Executive Judge at the Grilled Cheese Invitational last weekend.

On Saturday morning Tanner drove the Boulder Canyon van to downtown LA to taste 30-40 grilled cheese sandwiches and hand out 10,000 bags of Boulder Canyon chips. How did he get so lucky? For the second year, Boulder Canyon was the official potato chip sponsor of the event – and boy, is it a fun event to sponsor!

Started by Tim Walker in 2003 as a competition between friends, the Grilled Cheese Invitational has grown into an annual event with 200 competitors this year and 30,000 grilled cheese sandwiches. As you can see, these guys have quite the sense of humor from the entertaining opening ceremony to the grilled cheese category names (including Missionary, Kama Sutra and Honey Pot).

As soon as Tanner arrived back at the office it was question time. We needed the scoop.

Best Plain Grilled Cheese (aka “Love, American Style”): “It had lots of cheese, melted perfectly. The bread wasn’t burnt, and it had the perfect amount of gooeyness.”

Could’ve-Lived-Without Grilled Cheese: “The one with stinky cheese, rabbit and onions.” Props to him for even trying it.

Tanner with the two winners who received trophies, a case of Boulder Canyon chips, t-shirts and chip clips

Most Delicious Grilled Cheese: “I gave out an award to my favorite sandwich named ‘Spicy Love Making.’ It was on a roll with a special kind of cheese – I think Gouda – with bacon, habanero salsa and sweet jelly. It was the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.” Y-U-M

Tanner’s Takeaway: “I didn’t know there were so many different grilled cheese sandwiches! I’ve always been more of a cheese, butter and bread kind of guy but now that I see how people have branched out I’m ready to get more creative in the kitchen.”

Maybe it will inspire some new chips flavors?! Habanero…Sweet onion…Spicy bacon? What do you think?

Giving Thanks

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

How is it Thanksgiving already? We’re still munching on Halloween candy, and now it’s time to grocery shop for Thanksgiving meal ingredients. Somewhere between stuffing the turkey (or tofu), the pumpkin pie-induced food coma and Black Friday splurging, it’s important to take the time to reflect on what you’re giving thanks for this year.

Here at the Boulder Canyon office we’re thankful for another successful year of chip making, all of our delicious new flavors and the exciting opportunities that next year will bring. More than that we’re each grateful for our wonderful friends and family who make the holiday season so special. However, aside from a fulfilling job and cherished loved ones, we’re also thankful for life’s fun little gifts such as…

My apple cutter. It never lets me down. And pumpkin pie… actually make that pumpkin everything! And Zumba class. -Annie

My iPad (It could be yours: Click Here) and the little bird throwing game, Angry Birds, that keeps me entertained for hours. I’m also thankful for my yard.  I never knew how important grass was in my life until I moved here from Phoenix.  -Tanner

Health is #1, a roof over my head and football.  -Michelle

The crispy edges on anything fried, that first lung full of crisp autumn air, GPS on my phone, meeting new friends, and sharing recipes on the internet.  -Shawn

Sunday morning mountain runs, P90X and hummus.  -Ryan

Muenster cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, any cheese.  -Greg

So what are you thankful for? Fill out the form below, and we will select one random entry to receive a FREE CASE OF CHIPS by Thanksgiving. Please provide the flavor you wish to receive. Deadline to submit is 4 p.m. MST on Monday, November 22nd.

What are you thankful for?

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We’re thankful for fans like you!

Testing Compostable Packaging Claims: Week 4

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

It looks like it might be a landslide in Heidi Tolliver-Nigro‘s compostable packaging test between Boulder Canyon and SunChips. Find out who’s in the lead:

Testing Compostable Packaging Claims: Week 4
By: Heidi Tolliver-Nigro

Oh, the things I do for The Inspired Economist. This is the fourth week of my unscientific test on the compostability claims of Boulder Canyon and SunChips 100% compostable chip bags.

The decaying grass in my compost pile is getting heavier, the pile of eggshells and other kitchen scraps on top is getting heavier, and the mass is getting stinkier. Underneath are Boulder Canyon and SunChips chip bags, both of which claim to be 100% compostable.

The Boulder Canyon bag is soft, quiet, and made of wood fiber. The SunChips bag is loud and crackly and made of “vegetable-based” material.  Both are deteriorating at clearly different rates.

Judging from the look of things, however, I might not have to continue the experiment much longer. There is absolutely no indication of decay on the SunChips bag. It looks as crisp and intact as the Doritos bag below it. The wood fiber-based Boulder Canyon bag, however, is barely recognizable as a chip bag at all. Not only has it lots most of its