Promotion Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback and ideas for future promotions! It will really help us in developing future promotions for you. We thought we would share some of the results with you.

Good to see people wanting Boulder Canyon products and willing to enter a photo to win them! We also want to share some of our favorite promotion suggestions:

“Instant win games or picture contests where customers take a picture of themselves with a boulder product and fans vote on their favorite”

“Win a Boulder Canyon Party: You could pick 4 different kinds of chips, dips, etc…Even win a t-shirt from Boulder Canyon to wear at your party.”

“Dude Ranch trip; rock climbing adventure; rafting in Grand Canyon”

“Recipes for salads, main entrees, cookies or crackers using chips, accompanients for chips (dips, blends)”

“Free bag once month for a year”

“How do you eat them?”

“Pair Bounder Canyon with a local event, like Ignite Boulder, to give the brand some lively presence. Tell the story of the brand. Maybe you could team up with other local brands (Oogave, for example) and produce local care packages that could be given away to people flying into town for the Mountain.”

Check back soon to find out which ideas we picked and which ones we’ve been thinking up on our own!