Berry Simple Smoothie

It may seem late in the year for a new smoothie obsession to start, but with the holidays approaching, and the chips tasting better and better, I needed a smart, simple breakfast that could fuel my mornings.

When looking for smoothies, flavor is definitely important, and I also like ones with plenty of protein to keep me full until lunch. As a fan of livestrong.com, I knew it would have some great smoothie options, and I was right! Julie’s Protein Smoothie was it. The recipe is as follows:

It doesn’t get much simpler than that! Instead of Splenda, I substituted a packet of Stevia, and for frozen berries I used the delicious Rader Farms berries I found in the frozen food aisle at Albertson’s. Not only does the smoothie taste good, it’s nutritious, only 187 calories, and with almost 20 grams of protein it definitely kept me full! Now I’ve been busy spreading the word around the office.
What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes? We’d love to know.