8 Composting Tips from Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

Since the introduction of our new compostable chip bags on Earth Day, composting tips have been circulating the office. Each of us composts a little differently, but that’s the great thing about composting:  It can fit any lifestyle. Whether you’re in an apartment with a small compost bin on your patio or live on hundreds of acres with a sprawling compost pile, it all basically works the same. Below are some of our tips for making composting a little easier:

1)    Cut it up. Many people keep a small kitchen compost keeper under the sink to avoid frequent trips to the compost pile. However, if it happens to be near your kitchen, keep a bowl on the counter for leftover food scraps, and cut them up into smaller pieces to speed up the composting process.

2)    Worms are the way. If you’re limited on space, an indoor compost bin using worms offers a great solution called vermicomposting. Don’t worry though, there’s still no mess or unwanted household odors.

3)    Helps to have a pet. After brushing your pet, save the leftover hair and add it to your compost. Also, dog food makes a great compost ingredient since its rich in protein.

4)    Add a hint of lint. Instead of throwing away all that dryer lint, put it to good use by turning it into nutrient-rich soil along with the rest of your compost.

5)    Moisture is a must. It’s important to water your compost, or if it’s uncovered, make sure it gets enough rain. However, if your compost starts to smell bad, it’s probably too wet. A rule of thumb from University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture is that compost should be “about as wet as a wrung out sponge.”

6)    Talk to your local coffee shop. Coffee grounds and tea bags make great additions to any composting bin or pile so talk to your local coffee shop and ask if you can have any of their leftovers.

7)    Raid the office kitchen. Keep a ziplock bag in the kitchen at work to collect coffee grounds, fruit peels, expired refrigerated items, etc. to take home to compost.

8)    There’s always automatic. If you want to be eco-friendly, but you don’t have much time or space, these automatic composters are a great alternative to do-it-yourself! With NatureMill composters, all you have to do is add waste items, and within two weeks it will compost the material for you. Plus, it’s still great for the environment with energy use at just 5 kwh / month, or about $0.50/month!