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Boulder Canyons Food Snap Pea Crisp Sea Salt is MY PICK OF THE WEEK!

These Snap Pea Crisps are delicious and could become my go-to snack! Click here to read article.

Boulder Canyon® Jumps from Snack to Frozen Food Aisle to Introduce Microwave-Ready, Grain-Free Riced Vegetable Line

Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods®, a leading better-for-you snack brand, makes life easy for consumers ricing vegetables at home with the introduction of a new line of grain-free rice made from just one primary ingredient—100 percent real vegetables. Click here to read article.

World’s largest ‘snack stadium’ at Scottsdale mall

More than eight tons of cheese, dip, and other food make up what might be the world’s largest “snack stadium,” unveiled this week at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall in anticipation of Super Bowl XLIX. Click here to read article.

Boulder Canyon Kettle Chips Review

“The chips from Boulder Canyon are baked, not fried, which means I felt a lot less guilty enjoying them for a snack. You’d hardly know they weren’t fried though — they still tasted so delicious I couldn’t stop eating them! With just the right amount of crunch and that classic potato chip flavor I’ve loved since childhood, these chips definitely make my list of my all-time favorite potato chips.” Click here to read article.

Boulder Canyon™ Hummus Chips Named To Consumer Reports’ ShopSmart™ “Best Products of the Year” List

Snack food innovator, Boulder Canyon Foods, has been named to Consumer Reports’ ShopSmart™ list of “Best Products of the Year.” This year’s annual cover story features Boulder Canyon Hummus Chips as a “best” bet due to the combination of great flavor and use of better-for-you ingredients. Click here to read article.

Back-to-School Snack Trends

If you are looking for a broad range of healthful snacks, Boulder Canyon has something for everyone. Real food with no artificial flavorings, or coloring and only the finest oils are used in the cooking process. Light, crispy and full of flavor makes the healthier chips from Boulder Canyon a “chip” this mama doesn’t have to fret about. Click here to read article.

Thanksgiving Flavors Have Invaded Potato Chips

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Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Chips Taste Remarkably Accurate

The chips come from Boulder Canyon Foods, and the flavor profiles are uncanny. From Turkey and Gravy to Cranberry, Boulder Canyon’s kettle-cooked potato chips taste like the real deal. Click here to read article.

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Boulder Canyon Introduces Ancient Grains

Ancient Grains™, a revolutionary whole-grain snack chip combines on-trend grains and seeds like quinoa and brown rice into the ultimate better-for-you snacking experience. Click here to read article.

Every Day with Rachael Ray – Brand-new buys to shake up your grocery list

Supremely crunchy Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil Canyon Cut Potato Chips stand up to any dip. Click here to read article.

Boulder Canyon was featured in Draft Magazine: Crunch Time

When your palate’s progressed past ridges and ranch, grab a bag of our favorite artisan potato chips loaded with offbeat flavors. Click here to read article.